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Thank you for your inquiry regarding the Hostess and Public Relations Professional Services available at www.maiko-GEISHA .com. Yukari is available for Hostess work for couples or more staying at the Ryokan.She will be present to host your dinner and of course she would be delighted to answer your questions about the famous ''Willow World''.

Yukari is a maiko_GEISHA. Her role here is Hostess. A maiko_GEISHA is extremely unusual for this country, and indeed, anywhere in the world, and although many folk are aware of their existence, many are not clear of what a maiko_GEISHA is all about.

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Japanese culture dates back many thousands of years. Such traditions and the Geisha still play and important part in the everyday lives of the people of that country. The tradition of Geisha was first known when the Warlords were given shelter on their journey to visit the Emporer. Many Warlords were grateful to the Geishas for giving them information about how to win the favour of the Emporer. The Geishas had their own network to pass on crucial and important knowledge about the state of the court. For this reason the GEISHA became protected and reverred, and was almost a secret society. Ryokans or inns provided food and shelter and Geisha would appear at these places.
Original GEISHA were men but later on, and particularly around the 1900's, Geisha became the specialist field of women, as Ochayas or Tea-Houses became a favourite meeting and drinking point and place of entertainment along with the Ryokan. The talented Geishas would entertain and see to it that business men were able to provide the best atmosphere for their clients.To this day GEISHA in Japan is still central to that culture, and although numbers of young women wanting to be GEISHA has dropped dramatically, the Hanamachis, (or areas of GEISHA housing are still active with over a thousand registered GEISHA still appearing at Ryokan and Ochayas).

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The districts of Gion and Pontocho in Kyoto are probably the best known remaining Hanamachis in the world. There is currently a resurgence of Geisha as young women explore aspects of the ancient Willow World culture. Like all great traditions, the tradition of Geisha has had its ups and downs and has seen periods of intense interest and also has seen it wane as well. After World War Two the movies exhaulted the concept of the "Geisha Girl", (an American slang word) and in some quarters a few women copied the appearance of the Geisha and extended it into "ladies of the night" activities.


This superficial American style stereotype has misrepresented the wonderful and ancient art of GEISHA. It is typical of the Buddhist way to ignore such irreverent attacks on such a long and gracious tradition and the peaceful and humble Geisha carries on her craft blissfully aware that many folk will understand the elegance and charm of the GEISHA only fully apon their lucky meeting with that tradition of Hospitality.

To that end we are so thrilled to have been able to Indenture and have YUKARI here from Kyoto in Japan where she spent her childhood. More recently she comes to us from Fukuoka in Japan. To have the opportunity to Indenture and train the first expatriot maiko_GEISHA is a special and exciting world first for this country and Adelaide.

Yukari will represent the most up- to- date version of Geisha and she is available for all manner of Public Relations work where the ambience and charm of her presence will add ceremony and occasion to the gathering. She has her own website where she can be contacted regarding contracts for appearances. Please send all inquiries to

Already she has made appearances at social functions in and around the City of Adelaide South Australia and has amazed and charmed all that have been fortunate enough to meet her. She is a wealth of information about the ancient art of Geisha and is fully qualified in the Tea Ceremony. We look forward to a long and fruitful association with Yukari.......... SAGOYEE!!!!!!!!


Please find to follow a schedule of professional fees for her services

Charges for Attendance:

Dinner for two fully hosted by Yukari (additional to normal tariffs) $150 .00
Half day and full day Promotional work $800 per day
Evening Corporate Promotional work full evening.
( four hour appearance )
$650 .00

*Public Holidays add 25% .


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